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Here’s some tips I will give to people starting a career, especially those moving far away to do it:

on June 6, 2012

1. Stay positive – even in your lowest moments, think about how lucky you are to have a steady paycheck, a roof over your head, and food on the table. There are a lot of people out there who don’t have any of that, and I’m sure that there are a lot of people who would love to be in your shoes

2. Forget about what you HAD, it’s about what you HAVE – I spent so much time dwelling on what I HAD when I lived in PA that it made me ignorant of all of the amazing things I HAVE out here in Kansas City. Once you learn to let go, life just gets so much easier

3. Accept it – This one was a tough one to swallow for me, but once I accepted my current life situation and embraced it, moving away and starting a job has become so much easier.

4. Find a hobby – A hobby is something I kind of neglected to find once I got down here, and it has been one of my biggest downfalls. However, I have joined a few clubs, got involved in some local events, and have been picking up new things. It’s amazing how easy it is to get involved and how easily doing this will help you transition. It allows you to explore new places, meet new people, and step out of your comfort zone – all very positive things.

5. Don’t be shy – making new friends is the best way to cope with growing up – especially if you find people in a similar situation to you. It’s amazing how much it helps your transition, and even may help to keep you young.

6. Talk about it – stay in touch with your old friends and let them honestly know how things are going – it’s never good to bottle up all of your emotions and I’m sure your friends of the past would love to catch up and hear how it is in a (probably) foreign land to them

7. Lean on family – my parents have been incredible in helping me transition. Not only have they helped me financially, but they are always there on the other side of the phone to tell me to keep my head up or to hear me talk about my life, and for that, I love them.

This is an excerpt from a blogpost written by Steve Wainwright who graciously shared with us.  Steve studied management information systems at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP ’11).  He is now an analyst at Cerner Corporation in Kansas City Missouri.

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One response to “Here’s some tips I will give to people starting a career, especially those moving far away to do it:

  1. Great post! I would add that it helps to get out of the house and get more comfortable with doing things on your own. The more you are willing to do that, with time, the less alone you will be! Thanks for a great post and a great blog. It can be hard to move for a job.

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