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Remember where you came from.

on July 28, 2012

I haven’t shared an anecdote in a while, but my recent stay at my parents home left me dying to share one with you.

I love my parents, who celebrated their 35th anniversary this week.  Strangely enough, while I get along with both of my parents, we get along in very different ways.  My mom is the authority on all things food, literature, grammar, and knows more pop culture than me.  She is also from where my type A qualities of planning and organization come.

My dad, Ray Sr., is more likely to miss an appointment or eat leftover tacos every night for a week.  But I get my nerdy interest, academic aspirations, and dry sense of humor from him.  In many ways, I can see how I am a blend of my parents personalities and characteristics.  I’ve often caught myself using inherited mannerisms, and I often vowed never to use them again.  But on this particular trip home, my father and I realized just how similar we were.

The picture on this post is of our fishing licenses.  Sometimes, when documents get sent to their house, my dad will sign documents for me, since we have the same name.  The eerie part about this picture is that we both signed our own licenses independently.

Okay, so our signatures are the same, not impressed?  Well that night at dinner, my dad ordered duck with roasted brussels sprouts. The waitress asked how he would like his duck done, medium rare.  Then my mom said that really he was more excited about the Brussels sprouts.  Playfully, the waitress asked how he would like the sprouts done.  In stereo, we both replied “to perfection.”  Without rehearsal, without hesitation, without prompting we both had the same clever response.  DOESN’T THAT WIG YOU OUT A LITTLE?

The moral of the story  is that as much as we sometimes don’t want to believe it, we are more like those who raised us than we realize it, and many of us can be proud of that.


2 responses to “Remember where you came from.

  1. I totally agree. I have many of my mom’s mannerisms, and I also have her same voice and handwriting. So I;m not at all surprised that you share so much with your sad..

  2. A delightful story which made my heart warm. Sharon

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