Blogging on The Brightside

"I think I can. I think I can. I think I can." -The Little Engine That Could

Let our New Year’s resolution be this: we will be there for one another as fellow members of humanity, in the finest sense of the word.”

on January 4, 2013

-Goran Persson


Sometimes I write posts for myself, because I need to remind myself to be positive, count my blessings, stay optimistic.  Sometimes I write posts for you, because I need to remind you that it’ll be okay, that we’re in this together, and that Monday only comes once a week.  270 posts, 13,165 all time views, and 182 comments later we have reached out to inspire people from over 120 different counties.

In 2013, after the confetti has fallen, the champagne has popped, and all the excitement of the new year has worn off, we’re going to be here for you. We hope you’ll share us with your friends and family who might need us.  Hopefully, once in while the quote we post or the photo that accompanies it inspires you, stirs your soul.

Don’t forget, we are always accepting guest posts.  Just send your post to with “Guest Post” in the subject line.


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