Blogging on The Brightside

"I think I can. I think I can. I think I can." -The Little Engine That Could

be original.

on January 5, 2013



Being original doesn’t always mean being the first to bedazzle your cat, or inventing wasabi-ginger hot wings, or coming up with a mason jar moonshine recipe that will be a hit on pinterest.  You can be original by energizing your office on Superbowl Monday when it’s raining and everyone is grouchy.  Start off a chain of random acts of kindness by buying the latte for the woman behind you in line at Starbucks, or pass it on when someone buys you a beer.  Come home and inspire your boyfriend to go for a jog instead of taking a nap.  Try new things like rock climbing or an item off a menu that you’ve never had.  How many times have you driven past that restaurant and never stopped for lunch, or that guy on the corner selling roses and never bought one for your girlfriend?  Bring your secretary a parfait and let her know you couldn’t do it without her hard work.  Start a blog.  Write a song. How many classes will it take before you ask that kid in  front of you his name?  Be original. Start by doing the little things.



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