Blogging on The Brightside

"I think I can. I think I can. I think I can." -The Little Engine That Could

“If it weren’t for all the setbacks and problems of life, there would be nothing to look forward to.”

on January 29, 2013

— Michael Atencio

While my favorite book ever would debate this fact (the taste of spinach does nothing to enhance the taste of chocolate), life can provide a slightly more rose-colored portrait.

The toughest moments in life can be counteracted by the smile of a friend, a card in the mail, a hug or a 10 minute visit with a close friend. While it may not complete eradicate the negativity, it does a hell of a lot more than nothing at all.

All of the problems and setbacks in life can really get you down. But while you’re down there, don’t forget to look up and look forward to the good that life surely has headed your way.

look up


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