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"I think I can. I think I can. I think I can." -The Little Engine That Could

“Think globally. Act locally.”

on February 27, 2013

–usually attributed to pesky tree-huggers with ponytails and tie-dye chacos who have this motto plastered to the bumper of a Prius.

This morning, while switching lanes on 285 at Spaghetti Junction , I ended up behind a huge SUV with this saying on its bumper.  The juxtaposition of this driver’s choice of vehicle and professed values got me thinking about what the saying really means.  Does it have meaning beyond anti-styrofoam, save-the-whales, and adopt-a-manatee campaigns?

It got me thinking about church mission trips, which often involve trips to Costa-Rica or India to build schools or provide medical care.  Most of the young adults I know don’t have bank accounts with sufficient liquidity to travel abroad nor the job flexibility to take a few weeks off to go provide their hands.  Can we find other ways to serve our neighbors?  Maybe we could tutor students on the weekend, or offer to watch our friend’s kid for a night.  There is always need for help at local soup kitchens and shelters, but another friendly act of service that fills a belly is to invite a college student over for a home-cooked meal or take a batch of soup to a shut-in.  Take a chess board to a nursing home or a book to a children’s hospital.  There is plenty of need in our own backyards, and our efforts can change the world for those we serve.



One response to ““Think globally. Act locally.”

  1. Spaghetti Junction!? You must live in the A. Used to live there but meandered over to California 🙂 Anyway, I love your blog! Keep inspiring and stay PERSISTent 🙂

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