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A Happy Life

on April 22, 2013

To live with purpose. To say the courageous thing. To celebrate the simple gift. To follow your dreams. This is a happy life. ~ Wayland Henry

This was the quote on a birthday card from a friend I received this morning. She knows me too well… an optimistic quote is the perfect gift.

For the past 24 years, I have had a happy life. I do not anticipate that changing anytime soon. That in itself is an enormous blessing. I do my best each day to be a better person than yesterday and I (try my best to) take everything in stride and use it as fuel towards my journey.

Today, my little world celebrates my 24th year on Earth.

I guess more what I focus on is that I have had 24 years of LIFE.

Good, bad, optimistic, pessimistic, realistic, heart-warming, spirit-crushing, tear-jerking, soul-searching, growing-and-growing, run-and-jump, skip-and-stumble, get-back-up-and-dust-yourself-off kind of LIFE. I have woken up for 8,767 days with air in my lungs, a roof over my head and people around me that I could count on. I have people in my life who would take the impact of a bad word, a bullet, or a freight train for me. Tell me that’s not a good life. Tell me I should not be HAPPY (nay, ECSTATIC) with this life. What’s more, I know that I am certainly not the only one who is lucky enough to say these things and be thankful for them.

We all have a happy life. Whether we follow Wayland’s instructions or our own does not matter. What matters is that we have life, we live it, and we celebrate every day. Every day we’re given is our simple gift. All words we take the chance to speak can be courageous. Following our dreams can be as simple as remembering our path is our own and no one else can walk it for us. Live a happy life. Remind yourself of your happy life, today and always.

Love and Light,



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