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"I think I can. I think I can. I think I can." -The Little Engine That Could

“… through it, not over it.”

on September 17, 2012

“WhoapartnerLittle red flag going up. Something tells me we should go through it, not over it.”

Dory, Finding Nemo

Drawing inspiration from one of my favorite movies that I saw in theaters again just last night.

I like to pull about as many lessons as possible from everyday occurrences. Sure enough, watching this triggered memory of a concept– a concept that I have worked to make a reality in my life. I’m sure some of you remember reading it on the blog prior.

When faced with something difficult, it is typical that we want to get over it rather than go through it. Whenever possible, listen to that little red flag and get yourself through it, not over it. After all, you never know what part of your journey will require the strength you gained from the prior struggles.

It takes courage. And while it’s not often used in this context, take a note from Nemo… there are plenty of other “fish in the sea,” waiting to help you find your way through the madness and make it home.

You and I both know you can do it. It might be tough, but you’ll make it through.

And if all else fails… remember to just keep swimming.

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